Richard Pengelley


The Shy Photographer

Richard Pengelley is a fine art photographer and filmmaker. His work is both cinematic and emotional, drawing upon his keen eye for storytelling and emotional perspective.

Whether in monochrome or in colour, Richard’s distinctive approach and technique assemble a compassionate and respectful ground for the subject to be expressed. Richard’s lens keeps a mindful distance aiming for substantial intimacy. It is not about the tree or the reflection on the water but about the emotional connection.

Richard grew up in Sitges, Spain then the Midlands in the UK and is now based in London, England.


“I find photography very therapeutic and tend to hone in on details, sometimes the atmosphere, or sometimes simply the way the light falls and find beauty, peace and humanity with my subject. I’m often drawn to tranquility, but it’s mostly intuition. It’s more about how I feel at the time and what my eye is drawn to”


Twelve Beauty

The Generator Project



Frames Magazine

Untainted Magazine

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