The Shy Photographer

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Richard Pengelley is a shy photographer.

He grew up on a beach and is now based in London.

Richie, as he is affectionately known by his friends, also has comedy bones. His two-decade career as an award-winning director with a penchant for quirky comedy is evident in his photography. With satirical titles like ‘Portrait of a Man in the White Hat’ (which is far cry from typical portrait photography) to the ‘Tree Amigos’ and ‘The Celebration’ for his current favourite muse; trees.

His work captures nature and gives it personality akin to people and their human interaction, more than simply as inanimate objects. Something that can be seen in ‘Tree Creatures‘ or ‘The Commuter and the Butterfly Backpack’.

His landscapes reveal another layer of his personality, in which he finds and offers the viewer comfort and calm through considerate lines, shapes and order.

Limited edition prints are available to purchase through the store. If you are interested in purchasing images for use in film and media scenarios, or for other commercial ventures please get in touch.

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